Northeastern Scaffolding Services (NSS)

NSS, as an agent for HARSCO Infrastructure, can access and supply a variety of scaffolding systems to satisfy any job requirement. NSS can, while providing state-of-the-art scaffolding using the latest techniques and trained employees either supply just the scaffolding or NSS’ experienced and skilled team can design and assemble any scaffolding system to meet all requirements. NSS specializes in the following systems: QES (Quick Erect Staging), Tubelox, Framing, Shoring, Concrete forms


NES/NIS/NSS remains committed to safety, its employees and its customers. By maintaining a rigorous safety and continual training programs to include the implementation of new techniques and applications have allowed NES/NIS/NSS to remain committed to the needs of its clients.
Cross training employees in all areas of operations, operating as a team rather than individual divisions, produces a high commitment to safety This in turn has resulted in an industry wide below average EMR factor for NES/NIS/NSS.
Committing to its employees and their safety, will always result in a work force that works hard to please the customer. This will ALWAYS produce a product that the customer will be more than satisfied with.