Company Information

Mission Statement

NES/NIS/NSS believes in providing our clients with a highly trained, safety conscious team resulting in the ability to maintain a status as the highest full service quality contractor. By remaining current in techniques and methods, NES/NIS/NSS will provide our customers with premium workmanship at competitive costs, while operating within contractual guidelines, and maintaining an incident free workplace.


NES/NIS/NSS believes in delivering a high quality product to its customers. This can only be accomplished by adhering to its philosophy of dedication, diversity and reliability. Dedication to our customers, our employees and our suppliers result in excellent relationships; Diversifying and continually expanding its services and remaining Reliable and Accountable to its customers, employees and suppliers results in delivery of a high-quality one-stop full service operation.


NES/NIS/NSS remains committed to safety, its employees and its customers. By maintaining rigorous safety and continual training programs that include the implementation of new techniques and applications have allowed NES/NIS/NSS to remain committed to the needs of its clients.
Cross training employees in all areas of operations, operating as a team rather than individual divisions, produces a high commitment to safety. This in turn has resulted in an industry wide below average EMR factor for NES/NIS/NSS.
Committing to its employees and their safety, will always result in a work force that works hard to please the customer. This will ALWAYS produce a product that the customer will be more than satisfied with.