Northeastern Environmental Services (NES)

NES, a licensed asbestos and lead abatement contractor in the State of Maine, offers the safe and effective removal of asbestos, lead and mold from facilities including paper mills, energy plants, school systems, residential homes and industrial complexes. Abatement of insulation from piping systems, boilers, tanks, floor coverings with the aid of infrared heat machines, ceiling tiles, roofing material, ductwork and exterior siding. This work is conducted according to all OSHA, Federal, and State Regulations

Combined, NES/NIS/NSS can offer its customers a seamless service from beginning to end. Reducing the layers of contractors by choosing NES/NIS/NSS to provide all your industrial needs will result in a high quality, professional service provided by a team of employees that understand the project from beginning to end. For your next project, call NES/NIS/NSS and let us put our qualified, safety conscious team to work for you!